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About Me

It’s great to meet you. I’m Wiktor!

The photographs above will tell you a lot about my hairline (receding), passions (travels and sea) and love of cats (unrequited). The paragraphs below should tell you a bit about how and why I work. For anything else, feel free to get in touch.

Before life coaching: my background

I’ve been learning and / or teaching my way through life ever since I remember. English teaching, sailing instruction, academic management – these have been key stages in my life. Filled with moments which helped me understand how learning, change and growth happens, and why it matters.

For a large part of my working life, I combined self-employment with working for large international companies. This way I ensured I had the best of both worlds when it came to exciting projects to tackle (please don’t get me started about the paperwork or taxes). As a result, I know what busyness means in business – and I appreciate how important it is to find one’s own rhythm in work.

Learning coaching: my certificates and qualifications

Lifelong learning is my passion, and in life coaching I try to walk the talk. The gallery below is a sample of my work and study done to become a better life coach – this will be added to as time goes by! Feel free to ask me about any of those. Please note: I’m in the process of completing my coaching training and accreditation.

Charity work and support

I support two charities with regular contributions: Doctors Without Borders and Amnesty International. If you wish, you can request 10% of your coaching fee to be donated to one of these causes, and I’ll do it gladly.

I contribute to Hugdug – sharing reviews which support worthy causes. I mostly review coaching and psychology books – but not always!

If your charity or volunteer project could benefit from life coaching, I am happy to discuss your ideas.