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BRAVE Coupon: pay once. Get all BRAVE books and courses forever.

Congratulations! The BRAVE Coupon can be yours for life.


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With just one purchase, you get lifetime access to all the books and courses published on bravelearning.com – they are yours to enjoy. Whenever a new course or book gets published, the document is updated to let you access it for free.
All my courses are on Udemy, and all my ebooks are on Leanpub. That is where the links will take you.
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Buy any book or course on this site labeled “BRAVE Coupon.” PayPal accepts cards and takes 3 minutes.
Once you complete the purchase, click “Return to BRAVE Learning.” You will come back to the confirmation page. You can download the coupon (a .txt document) there, with all the coupon links. I will also email you a link to the document.

Follow the links in the .txt file to access each of the courses. Just copy the links into your browser. The coupon codes should be automatically applied and you won’t need to pay. You will still go through the sign-up process with Leanpub and Udemy – but they will not charge you.
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The BRAVE coupon also gives you access to a life coaching trial session. The trial takes 30 minutes. It can be done via Skype, Google Talk or phone. It is a stress-free way to find out how coaching can help your productivity, career and personal life. To arrange your free trial, email me: wiktor (at) bravelearning (dot) com – and put “BRAVE trial” in the subject line.
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The BRAVE Coupon is yours alone. You bought it. You put your data in through PayPal, you signed up with your email address.
Please do not share the coupon codes anywhere.
On the first day of each month, this document is updated and the codes are changed. But don’t worry: you will get all the new links in an email each month, so you can still come back to new books and courses. And once you download a book or sign on to a course, you don’t need the code for it.
Sometimes the codes will need to be changed more frequently – I will update you via email again.
[trx_accordion_item title=”I lost my emails and my codes!”]
That’s okay. Just email me: wiktor (at) bravelearning (dot) com – and I will sort it out within 48 hours.
[trx_accordion_item title=”I want my money back.”]
No problem! There’s a 30-day refund promise on all I publish. Email me: wiktor (at) bravelearning (dot) com and put “BRAVE refund” in the subject line. I will reply within 48 hours.
Enjoy your BRAVE learning.

[trx_chat title=”Wiktor says:” photo=”http://www.bravelearning.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/DSC_0098-e1318887500331.jpg”]I hope you’ll enjoy using your BRAVE coupon for a long time. I made it simple on purpose: I like writing and teaching way more than selling!
If you’re ready to join over 2 thousand BRAVE learners, just choose a book or a course from the list below. Remember, you’ll get access to all of them in your coupon.[/trx_chat]


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