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How to learn forever (and why it’s never been easier)

An article on Wired today discusses homeschooling (or “unschooling,” or individualised learning) in a fun and questioning way. I smiled when I read the energetic exchanges between the little ones and her mom-turned-teacher. 


Two things worth thinking about here: for productive folks, for coaches, and anyone who learns or teaches.  

  1. How can you make sure your homeschooling does not end when you graduate? How can you turn yourself, and everyone else around you, into fifty-something homeschoolers forever? 
  2. This movement is easier, more valuable and more connected than ever right now. You can teach, learn, try new things and plan your explorations from a mobile device used anywhere. I read the wired article on a smartphone in a cafe. This is also how I wrote this post. So what amazing devices have you got access to – and how will they help you learn more? 

You’re not too old for this is you’re still reading this quick post. Go homeschool someone (might as well be you for starters).  

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