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Half of a Good Plan: A Blueprint for Incremental Work


Today I’m happy to share a new resource with you. It’s a list of 30 questions which form a blueprint for incremental work – in managing, coaching, self-coaching or teaching. You can download it for free (once you share this post)!

What does this blueprint do?

This blueprint is a guide to difficult things. The questions you will find here can help you focus on the important bits of any big, vital project. The inspiration was taken from architecture (see below) but this blueprint helps you work, coach, teach, plan, and manage – in many situations. It is a tool which can let you get good work done – step by step, and in a helpful way.

Who is this blueprint for?

It is for managers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and teachers. It is for those who face situations which cannot be solved all at once. It is for those who do important work, even though they cannot finish it all.
It is for self-starters whose time and energy is too limited to see a project through from start to finish. It is for long-term learners who don’t know what they will learn next, but feel determined to start learning something right now anyway. It is for artists whose work must be new and fresh and unpredictable, but whose day-to-day lives are still dependent on funding, scheduling and cooperation.
It is for you, if your work goes beyond 9-to-5 and A-to-B, and if you need to care enough about what happens in between.

How can I use this blueprint?

You can use this blueprint to do anything that is too difficult to complete in one go. You can use it to make sure that your efforts and energy go to the best places. You can use it to think about what you can do now – and agree on what other people will do later.
The questions will focus on three important areas:

  • Figuring out what is difficult
  • Finding the things people cannot do alone
  • Thinking about what will be good for all in the future

You do not have to answer the questions in a particular order. You can pick and choose the questions you like best. You can write down and share the answers, or just discuss and share the summary later. You can also think and complete the document with new questions.

Feel free to share and distribute this blueprint – but please, do not charge money for it. If you want to credit me, it would be great if you could link to my site: http://www.bravelearning.com

What inspired this blueprint?

In April 2016, Alejandro Aravena became the winner of Pritzker Prize. His architectural studio is known for promoting “incremental architecture”. This means building government-funded houses on an affordable basis which leave space for the inhabitants to develop and build when they’re ready and able to do so. The idea of “half of a good house”, as well as the three sections of the blueprint, are inspired by the studio’s manifesto (as of April 2016, you can still read it here).

How can I download this blueprint?

Share this post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google + using the button below – then you will get access to the files.

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