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Greensplaining bonus: Four green Kickstarter projects to inspire your switch to eco habits

It’s getting easier, being green!

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Living a green life is sometimes as simple as picking the right solution for your everyday needs. These four Kickstarter projects will inspire you to think about the changes you can make – even if they don’t involve buying new green gadgets!

Green is no longer clunky – new ideas fit you much better

The excuse I often give myself is that it’s just hard to find something that fits the change I want to make – that I’m unique, and my problems are one-of-a-kind, and I have to stick to my non-eco ways because…you know the drill.

This may have been the case, but now it’s changed completely. A few years ago, it was a bit awkward to look at some home-grown solutions to ecological problems. Nowadays, affordable design and the network economy mean that more people get involved in each new green product more often – which, in turn, means better fit and better quality. Take a look at these four ideas to see what I mean.

Idea 1: Olli flip-flops

This is simplicity itself. A better flip-flop is made from more sustainable materials, uses less pollution when produced, is made in a fairer environment and is kinder to your feet. It’s one of my favourite kinds of crowdsourcing: one idea and one product which does one thing well. Olli is already funded and is about to happen this summer. I’m not a flip-flop fan, although seeing the stylish design, I may flip-flop on this issue myself (geddit?).

Idea 2: Common good refill boxes

As of April 2017, this project is only just kicking off, and could use your support. Using greener stuff to clean your houses and yourselves isn’t exactly new, and Common Good were a US brand that did well in this area. Their new project introduces bigger packs called refill boxes – good for you if you buy it (lasts longer) and good for the environment (you don’t end up using lots of packaging). Reminds me of old-time multi-gallon tanks of dish soap and washing liquid we used to have in my cornershop way back when…it’s curious that you need a Kickstarter to bring back a simple idea like that!

Idea 3: Nebia shower

If Apple sold showers instead of iPhones, it would sell this. The shower is supposed to use 70% less water, give you a completely new way to experience showering – and it also looks seriously well-designed. The project got funded and then some, and is shipping in August 2017. (If this doesn’t appeal, try installing an hourglass timer in your shower to cut the showering time and save water!)

Idea 4: LIVIN Farms edible worm hive

This is a gadget which helps you grow edible mealworms. It helps you feed them (they like veg scraps) and gets them ready for eating (by cleaning them up and sorting out the baby worms so they can grow into fully-grown meal-size worms). If this freaks you out, well, you’re not alone. But here’s the thing. Eating meat is going to become trickier and trickier. And as far as protein sources go, mealworms are pretty good (and don’t taste like much – believe me, I tried). LIVIN Farms hive is pricey, but that didn’t deter the backers who will now help make this a success.

Bonus idea: yours!

These projects were started by people who saw an eco problem and turned it into a green opportunity. You can do that too. If you can figure out a way to live greener by “scratching a green itch” (however gross this sounds), then your solution can help other people out there. And if you’re not that ambitious, well, at least you switched one habit to something more planet-friendly.

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