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Busy times survival kit: 9 ways to become stronger than work

I’m in between two huge conferences at the moment – both of them take a huge chunk out of two weekends, and turn my weekly schedule into chaos. “Busy” is not a word I use often, but these are busy times indeed. What would you need if busy times were upon you?

First, some suggested reading. “The Cult of Busy” is a brilliant article about how busy people feel, and how they may have got that way. Read it when you have the time 🙂

And now, a quick fix. I’ve prepared some simple tips to help you get through busy times with more energy, health and creativity. If you’re in a middle of a flurry of activity, this may not help too much – but it could be a good idea to start compiling these resources before the next chaotic time comes. These are compiled in a one-page worksheet. Feel free to share it with anyone.

As always, BRAVE Academy members get it in their section as well.

Busy Times Survival Kit [PDF]

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